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What is included in the service?

The Sisterlocks Installment package (includes 3 visits)

The Consultation, Establishment, and Follow-up visit (the follow-up visit is the first re-tightening)There is a  $200 non-refundable deposit required once the date is agreed upon. The 3 visits include the consultation, the locking session, and the first retightening. The follow-up visit will be in 3-4 weeks. If you miss the follow-up  appointment, you will have to pay the retightening fee. 

The Consultation


Non-refundable and goes towards your services. The consultation usually last an hour. Please arrive with your hair clean and in its natural state, free of any oils, hair creams, or conditioners. This will allow your hair to be viewed in its natural texture.  

Sisterlocks Retightenings

$60 hour/$180 for the first 3 hours /$40 per hour after. 

Retightening is the process of retightening each lock. 

The follow-up visit

The follow-up visit is the first retightening session. This is included with the 3-visit sisterlocks package. 


Color 2 weeks before establishment day.

After Care
  • Keeping it simple
  • No excessive styling

What Are Sisterlocks?

A trademarked product created nearly 30 years ago by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, Sisterlocks are small, style-able dreadlocks known for using a patented interlocking technique. During this process, dreadlocks are created by using a special tool to build the locks from root to end. Because of the special interlocking technique, Sisterlocks require extensive training to ensure that the locks are incorporated correctly; as such, Sisterlocks should only be installed by certified Sisterlocks consultants who have been trained professionally.

Compared to traditional dreadlocks, Sisterlocks are much more petite and lightweight thanks to their patented weaving technique rather than hand-rolled locks. This allows them to be styled in a multitude of different ways so you always look and feel your best!



To prepare for your appointment, shampoo your hair with clarifying shampoo and refrain from adding oils or conditioners. Warm dry, twist, or plait in four to six sections. Color two weeks before establishment day.

After Care
  1. Keep it simple
  2. No excessive styling
  3. No products
  4. Do not spray daily with water
  5. Shampoo biweekly (braid and band properly)
  6. Dry with warm/cool dryer setting
  7. Do not sleep with plastic cap or with wet hair
  8. Sleep with satin or silk-lined bonnet or scarf

Sisterlocks Wash Routine

Step 1: Products

Please use recommended shampoo provided with your starter kit. Do not put any creamy product on your locs. As we discussed during your consultation, products may cause Sisterlocks to slip. If product is needed for scalp care, apply directly to the scalp, and not on the loc shaft.

Step 2: Braid & Band

Next, make sure you braid and band your hair! First start by parting your hair down the middle. On each side, you should create between 4-6 braids (away from the scalp). Start the braid about two inches from the scalp, leaving enough room for fingertips to slide through. Braid locz down into a plait stopping right before the loose ends. Then bend ends upward and place a rubber band to secure the loose ends. NEVER BRAID TO THE END.

Step 3: Wash

When washing locs, please use finger pads to massage scalp. DO NOT rub shaft of sisterlocks. After shampooing, rinse as normal while squeezing excess soap and water from locs. DO NOT use conditioner on locs.

Step 4: Dry

You may leave your locs braided while drying or take them down to let them air dry. Be careful if you taking down braids and make sure not to pull apart matted ends.

How It Works

Step One: Consultation

The consultation session is the period in which you will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preferences, and your lifestyle with your consultant in order to determine if you are a good fit for Sisterlocks. After reviewing your hair type, your consultant will discuss next steps with you until a course of action is agreed upon between the consultant and client. During this period, test locks are put in place and your consultant will answer all of your questions and determine pricing. 

Step Two: The Locking Session

The locking session is when the Sisterlocks are installed. The locking process can take from 10-20 hours or even longer in some cases. The average Sisterlocks client will have an average of 400 locks or more!

Step Three: The Follow Up Visit

The follow-up visit should be scheduled for after the installment session. The follow-up visit is the first full re-tightening. 

Sisterlock Establishment / Installs

# Past due or Over due Retighten Maintenance

Retightens are completed 4-6 weeks unless discussed with Locitionist. An additional fee of $30.00 per week it’s over due.